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2209 ACR 174
Grapeland, TX 75844

Telephone: 903-478-3463

Year Started: 1996

# American Employees: 5
  EZ HOOK is an all-purpose turning utensil, the best ever BBQ hook, for the BBQ grill, kitchen or table that's so "EZ" to use, AND- it's MADE IN TEXAS. E-Z HOOK is a registered trade mark name for our hand-crafted cooking utensil and BBQ Hook from Rainbows End Treasures, Made in Texas , by our family-Doug & Reaoma Stiegler, Chris & , Rodger Perry . These type of hooks have been used for generations in South Africa for cooking and eating and called a "gaffel" - which means "grab it". In fact, the first hooks were made way back in the 1700's by blacksmiths! They were also used in meat markets for a couple of hundred years and called a liver hook. We just like to make them pretty! Whether you cook with EZHOOKS in your kitchen or on the grill, or just give them away as a gift, you will wonder how you ever did without them! Our EZHOOKS are very well traveled - they have either been mailed or delivered to England, Ireland, Sweden, Finland,Holland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Bolivia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, and all the other 48 states. If you know of another destination, we would love to hear about it. And thanks so much for passing them around!!  
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