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Level Rite LLC
3120 Foothill Blvd
Oroville, CA 95966

Telephone: 530-534-6000

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 2
  Level Rite owners, Berle and Kay Blehm, have developed a niche industry over the past 9 years, and intend to retire soon. The ladder safety tool business (see includes 10 unique tools, and is available for licensing or purchase by a qualified company. Phone (530) 534-6000 or e-mail Introduced at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) and Metalcon metal roofing trade show, are 5 styles of Material Transports (sold as "packages") that move materials, supplies and solar panels from the ground level to the roof eave or from the roof eave to the roof ridge. An Over Eave Ladder Extender helps move material - including the Transport - on to a roof. LEVEL RITE LLC manufactures (4) ladder roof anchors: a Ladder Ridge Anchor, a Portable Tether/Ladder Roof Anchor, A Quick-Release Ladder Anchor, and a small Ladder Roof Anchor. The Portable Tether/Ladder Roof Anchor (listed above) has met OSHA guidelilnes for fall protection, and may aid contractors in meeting new OSHA guidelines for fall protection on residential projects. Also available are (2) ladder levelers - a (construction) Single Leg Leveler and a Dual-Leg Leveler available for nationwide distribution. Almost all of the tools have add-on accessories that expand the usefulness of the tools. These tools make the work environment safer, contribute to productivity which improves a company's "bottom line". (see below the highlighted comments from satisfied consumers.) More recently (see tab labeled Material Transport) a Rooftop Material Transport (patent pending) was designed to move material up a roof using the worker's own ladder. The ladder is suspended by a Portable Tether/Ladder Roof Anchor (see above) that holds the ladder at the pitch of the roof. This Transport has recently been modified to accomodate the movement of solar panels, either from the ground to the roof eave OR from the roof eave to the roof pitch. Several accessories expand the usefulness of the Transport(s). A Little History...... LEVEL RITE LLC was formed in 2003 by Berle and Kay Blehm, and is available for a licensing contract to a qualified business. Berle has designed 10 new and unique ladder safety tools that have never been on the market. Berle has filed 4 patents and two patent-pending applications. Most of the tools that Berle designed, feature add-on "accessories" (sold separate) that expand the usefulness of the tool(s).  
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America has got to get back into manfacturing and producing tools and such that are being produced overseas and cut out the cheap goods being made in China. Better decisions need to be made in Wash DC by our so called "Leaders"
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