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Levanna Restoration Lumber
5966 South St. Rd.
Auburn, NY 13021

Telephone: 315-252-6817

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 1
  In the spring of 1998, a drive in the country marked a new beginning for Doug Holland. From the reclamation of his first timbers, found in the ruins on Levanna Road that spring day, to the business for which he so passionately labored to become in May, 2002, Doug knew there was only one name for his vision of things to come. Years later, Doug found that the name Levanna was a variant form of Levana: Roman goddess and protectorate of newborn infants. According to legend, during an acceptance ceremony, the father would lift the baby for all to bear witness of being his legitimate heir. Known as "the Lifter", Levanna also means "to rise" or, "the new hope". Today, Levanna Restoration Lumber offers wide plank flooring and accessories made from the finest historical barn wood reclaimed in Central New York: giving “new hope” to prized wood that would otherwise be lost forever. From this tremendous resource, we provide custom flooring, versatile end grain tiles, paneling, timbers, expertly crafted mantels, tables, cabinets, stair components and yes... recycled barn siding. Our barn timbers range in age from 100 to 200 years, with many of them dating to the settlement period of Central New York (c.1790 – 1820). As a result, most of our antique wood is recycled virgin forest, slow-growth timber. Reclaimed antique wood is renowned for its character and color, tight grain and textures: qualities most often preferred over that of today’s fresh-cut stock. That’s why the beauty of antique wood speaks louder than the evidence of its time-worn tale. It’s desired by those of us who work with it, and by the architects, designers, builders and homeowners who select our products.  
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