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56 Signed LLC
840 S Rancho Dr Ste 4564
Las Vegas, NV 89106

Telephone: 702-250-0334

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 1
  56 Signed was born out of a desire to create a useful and meaningful product that may also remind us of 56 individuals that signed their names to a document that put them on course to affect man’s history as very few moments have ever known. From a fun hobby and appreciation of U.S. History, came the creation of handcrafted pens dedicated to the memory of the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence. These pens are turned on an old lathe that was used by a world-class trumpet player to turn mouthpieces for musicians here in Vegas and around the world. Using the same lathe, each pen is handcrafted with the best of care and thoughtfulness in creating a visually appealing and useful writing instrument. We use stabilized woods for our Traditional pens and cool looking celluloids for our Contemporary pens. Our offering selections will increase as we grow. Our Themed models represent special dedications - check back as we’ve got some great concepts in the works. Each pen comes with a Declaration Scroll that is signed and dated with the month and year the pen was crafted. Also, on the cap of each pen is hand engraved the month and year it was made to correspond with the scroll. Rounding out the package is a nice clear plastic case and a black, medium ballpoint refill. Please allow a few weeks for delivery (times of "old" aren’t so bad and patience is still a virtue) since it just takes some time to personally create your pen. There is no mass automation involved - just good ol’ hand craftsmanship. By using these pens, may they cause you to take pause from time to time and simply reflect on 56 patriots who came together in 1776 for a cause greater than themselves. As individuals, we may not know all 56 names, but we know the results of becoming “Free and Independent States.” So pursue happiness and get yourself a pen and celebrate! Get more and collect!  
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As I learn more about the Founding Fathers and their absolute commitment and trusting of Divine Providence (see last line of the Declaration of Independence) to form a free and independent states, how can we not be awestruck by this most incredible experiment known as the United States of America. It was no accident that 56 patriots came together at a Divinely appointed time and began a course where today we are but beneficiaries and can freely say thanks! Brian
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