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Extend a Hand
13505 E Broadway
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Telephone: 509-892-7844

Year Started: 1998

# American Employees: 2
  Through visiting many facilities and managing his as well, it came to Extend A Hand President, Larry Sarff's attention that the traditional grab bar didn't aid the user enough. In most applications people can not reach them with both hands from a sitting position. The conventional grab bar lacks an ergonomic design, thus its overall design does not capture its main objective, reducing risk of falls. This assessment was documented with two residents at Cedar House, an assisted living care facility. The safety of the residents and staff was the inspiration for building the first 'extend a hand' product. The results after installation and testing of the prototype far exceeded expectations. Not only did we accomplish the goal of added safety for the residents, but we achieved a greater level of independence for the residents, with renewed dignity. Plus an added benefit to the facility was a decrease in chance of injury to the staff due to over exerting while maneuvering a resident. Ultimately, residents were able to stay within the assisted care facility longer before moving on to a full care facility. That prototype led to the industry tested and approved Extend A Hand product we offer today. Sarff Systems, Inc. is the patent owner and manufacturer of Extend a Hand; the world's ONLY locking extension assistance grab bar DME device. The locking extension system is designed to increase stability and safety for the end user. Extend a Hand is a product that can be utilized in homes, apartments, retirement apartments and communities, assisted living facilities, advanced assisted living facilities, adult family homes, nursing homes, therapy centers, and hospitals. The general public will find advantages to using the EAH in boats, RVs, motor homes and hot tub areas. We are dedicated to providing a quality product that can give our nation's disabled and elderly the safety and security they need and deserve to help them remain in their own homes. We will accomplish this by providing the Extend A Hand assistance device, which by being reachable from a sitting position allows the user to lessen the chance of a fall. We want both home consumers and assisted living facilities to benefit from this product. Our future goal is to bring an institutional model to market geared specifically to hospitals, nursing homes and health care centers. Sarff Systems will remain open and dedicated to advancing or modifying EAH for additional areas of use. Sarff Systems will manufacture this assistance device with this goal in mind; bettering a person's safety, and lessening their chance of a fall in 'at risk' areas. Overall, Sarff Systems is dedicated to manufacturing quality products to aid the public or consumer in 'at risk' areas.  
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