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SoundSense, LLC
46 Newtown Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937

Telephone: 631-324-2266

Year Started: 1981

# American Employees: 10
  SoundSense, LLC, an acoustical engineering and consulting company, was formed from the research company, South Fork Technological Consultants, founded in 1981. SoundSense works to improve acoustics in homes, offices, classrooms, restaurants, businesses and industry, and is a full service engineering firm that includes both material sales and installation. Today, SoundSense provides design-build expertise services in acoustical engineering, finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to a variety of acoustic problems. SoundSense has advanced many construction practices, including patented products to test the acoustic efficacy of installations. Additionally, SoundSense specializes in the computer designed Paradise Effectâ„¢, a proprietary algorithm for the creation of an acoustically correct and soothing environment. SoundSense also provides acoustic recommendations for homes, ships, businesses and industries as well as offers a variety of custom services and patented products to a full spectrum of clients including architects, contractors and homeowners. The specialties of SoundSense include room-to-room and floor-to-floor isolation, specification and correction of reverberation times in rooms, road noise, HVAC noise and machinery noise elimination and compliance with town, state and co-op board regulations. SoundSense also designs the specifications for rooms to improve hearing and speech intelligibility, as well as information recognition and retention. SoundSense has a wide variety of products to suit the needs of our clients, including barriers, absorbers, diffusers, window and door treatments, wall panels, ceiling tiles, machinery enclosures, and much more.  
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We are in the final stages of preparing for production several newly patented and patent pending products, many of which have received technology awards. These will be released the end of 2011. As the sales of these products increase, so will the number of people SoundSense will employ.
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