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Imagination Counts, LLC
PO Box 975
Portsmouth, NH 03802-0975

Telephone: 603-498-6530

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 1
  Welcome to Imagination Counts, makers of the Googolplex Games line of handcrafted wooden games (and soon to add toys). All games are hand silk screened and hand finished using local materials and resources. We are now adding the directions of play on the backs of every game so you'll never lose the directions, and with silk screening on wood, wearing off isn't likely to happen either. Our best-seller is: Googolplex Solitaire. Combining the elements of Vegas Style solitaire and the easy play of Last Man Standing this new classic is a hit with al ages. We are finding it hard to keep in stock but hand finishing as many as we can, just barely keeping up with demand. We will be re-introducing the Googoler Game here on the web site shortly. The Googoler is an updated version of the old John Bull Political Puzzle from the 1860's and has been brain teaser ever since we originally brought it back almost 10 years ago. Contact us today to be added to our mailing list when they become available on the web site.  
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Thoughts on America:
My thoughts on America? Maybe one of histories greatest experiments in civilization. Founded on principals of freedom and Democracy, as long as we resist moving to known ideas that didn't work (socialism etc)and stop the politics of division at every turn, from color, religion, economic status we'll be fine. The amazing part of the latest trend of the class warfare is the jobs people want are the very companies they are protesting against. The whole "Occupy Movement" while message noted is actually directed at the wrong entity! The leading political party at the time that granted the "bail out" are the true criminals and not "the banks" and Wall Street. Companies BUILD wealth, the governments of the world can only redistribute that portion they take. Hopefully my political views do not exclude me from adding my small 1-person toy shop here. I am just sick and tired of those who can't telling them that do they should do it differently!
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