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Theora's Bellydance Boutique
POB 643
Sun Valley, ID 83353

Telephone: 1-541-206-1241

Year Started: 1989

# American Employees: 2
  The ancient art of bellydance has been a SACRED ART form of nomads the world over since time began. Current forms are resplendent with remaining vestiges of the lives of the dancers who danced before. The whole world of dance, in all its current forms, grew out of ancient forms of bellydance as practiced by the tribes of India who were traveling musicians and dancers. Thus todays bellydance echoes through time, as well as throughout the modern world, in an art form and a community of strong people, united by their art. Because many in this community are strong women who respect and love their own female natures, the nature of the bellydance community is a female network which upholds and enhances the individuals who comprise it. Many men do dance and many musicans who are men play music for us and are praised for helping to create this art form of modern/ancient bellydance. My costumes are designed to encourage women to love their bodies. I know how hard that is.  
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