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5450 Wintergreen Ln
Reno, NV 89511

Telephone: 866-923-9276

Year Started: 1995

# American Employees: 1
  Many of our customers have asked, “Is Auntie A a real person?” Yes, she is the aunt of the company founders. Auntie A has a history of making hand-crafted gifts and a flair for the unusual. Over the years, family members have received everything from parkas and puppets, to bean bag chairs and pottery. Years ago, Auntie A made everyone in the family a Bed&Body Warmer. Where she got the idea for the Bed&Body Warmer is anyone’s guess, since Auntie A has many friends and has traveled around the world. Auntie A’s first Bed&Body Warmers came in all sorts of colors and patterns and were made from old fabric remnants. The family loved the Bed&Body Warmer. Due to this success, Auntie A suggested that we go into the business of making Bed&Body Warmers. So we did. We experimented with several prototypes and came up with many improvements. The inner bag–outer cover design was created. Scents were added. And prototype Bed&Body Warmers were sent out to friends around the country for testing.  
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