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Pat's Easy Change System
487 D E Brown Road
Brandenburg, KY 40108

Telephone: 888-243-4204

Year Started: 2011

# American Employees: 5
  Greenwell Manufacturing was founded in 2000 by Pat Greenwell who is the owner and manufacturer. Pat has worked over 28 years as a full time Electrician at a local Chemical plant. He trains and competes border collies in sheep and cattle dog trails and uses them to help with farm chores. Still manages to take care of his farm land and business. Is it a wonder that he wanted something that was going to help him work smarter not harder? He originally designed these hitches to make his life easier on the farm, never realizing the potential it had for so many people. With limited time, he just wanted something to make his farming easier and smarter. Well that's were she took off. After making his own set of hitches; neighbors and friends saw the advantage and started requesting sets. It was presented to Pat that he should do the whole Farming Community a favor and share his idea. And Alas! We have the Pat's Easy Change System. Born and bred in Meade County Kentucky, Pat employs several people from his community. Keeping the work force strong for his community is an important factor in staying in business. Not only can he offer a great product, but great craftsmanship made with pride by people that are proud to say they manufacture this product. American through and through. All hitches are manufactured right here in Kentucky.  
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Thoughts on America:
I have prided myself in starting this company with nothing but sweat and hardwork. I have expanded as the business has grown, but have kept the goal in site. I believe that this is what makes America great, the ability to take an idea and bring it to life.
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