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Estex Manufacturing Co, Inc.
402 East Broad Street
Fairburn, GA 30213

Telephone: 770-964-3322

Year Started: 1900

# American Employees: 125
  At the turn of the century, Earl Estes and his brother formed Dixie Manufacturing Company (name later changed to Estex) in Union City, Georgia. The original products manufactured were horse collars, saddles, bridles, and other companion items in heavy use during the horse and buggy days. As times and needs changed, so did the company and its products. In the 1940’s the company through one of its original products, the feed bag for horses (known as a nose bag), made its first entry into the power utility industry. The nose bag became a lineman’s tool bucket which is used to hold the lineman’s tool and supplies while he works. Georgia Power was the first customer to purchase this product for the newfound use. In 1970, Robert Smith purchased the company from Ruby Estes, the widow of Earl Estes, the founder. Mr. Smith, having grown up near the Atlanta Airport envisioned the potential of expanding the company’s product line to accommodate the airline industry. These products included baggage cart side curtains and covers, company mail bags, etc. Delta Airlines became the company’s first airlines customer and continues to be one of the company’s major accounts. On April 1, 1982, Harold Bost purchased the company. Three years later, ironically on April 1st of 1985 Brent Wilkes became a co-owner. This ambitious partnership was the catalyst for growth and Estex’s customer base expanded from a small company servicing the Southeastern region to its present day size. Today Estex provides goods and services to many unique markets all around the world. They include the Aerospace and Airline markets and the Utilities market as well as many original equipment providers. The company’s success has not been solely of its ownership, but to the contribution made by the talented, dedicated and hardworking employee’s at Estex. At every level of management within the company there is a determination to provide world class products and service to our customers. At Estex our employee’s strive everyday to solve our customer’s needs and problems and to build success into all aspects of its business relationship. We are truly grateful for the confidence our customers have shown in Estex manufacturing company where ideas become solutions.  
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