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3100 9th Ave SE
Watertown, SD 57201

Telephone: 605-882-2222

Year Started: 1981

# American Employees: 40
  Since 1982, Enercept has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of structural insulated panels, known in the building industry as SIPs. Enercept SIPs, similiar in design to "tilt-up" panels, are composed of a solid layer of EPS (expanded polystyrene insulation) laminated between OSB (oriented strand board) to form an exterior framing system of superb energy efficiency and strength. Engineered studies and performance tests have shown SIPs to be stronger, quieter, safer, faster to construct, and 50% more energy efficient than traditional methods of construction. In 1995, Enercept instituted a state-of-the-art production line and added a 24,000 square foot addition to its existing 26,000 sq. ft. plant. These improvements have substantially increased production capabilities and quality control. Located in Watertown, SD, Enercept is positioned to produce about one thousand homes per year. Enercept offers a complete pre-engineered building system. Enercept SIPs are the most fully customized SIPs on the market with factory cut and framed rough openings and electrical chases. Panels are connected by a structural insulated post to form an unbroken thermal shell. Basement panels, above grade wall panels, roof panels and support beams make the package complete. Enercept was the first to patent the electrial chase system and the insulated connecting post. Enercept produces two types of roof panels: structural roof panels which tie into a beam system resulting in a vaulted ceiling and splined roof panels used to enclose timber, log, and metal frames. The Enercept system is used in residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. R-values of 24 for 6" walls and 32 for 8" roof panels result in enormous energy savings in either cold or hot climates. The energy savings, fast construction, and superior strength of the Enercept system make it an ideal building product for every application and climate. Our high R-values also make Enercept SIPs an excellent product to use for cold storage.  
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We are proud to be Americans. This is a good mid-western community, where people still hold true to American values and traditions. We support our military and have several vets on our payroll. We are committed to producing a quality, American-made product.
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