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Ebersole Cattle Co
1935 280th Ave
Kellerton, IA 50133

Telephone: 515-971-8462

Year Started: 2001

# American Employees: 2
  We are a small family Ranch. We raise Maine-Anjou cattle, Quarter Horses, Working Dogs and Kids. Our focus is to raise efficient, productive and attractive cattle. All of our females are culled based on feed efficiency and fertility. We do believe that you can raise an efficient cow who is also attractive in the show ring. In addition, an efficient cow will produce an efficient calf. These calves are early to harvest and produce tender healthy lean beef on a grass based diet. Our Quarter Horses are the working kind. All of the horses we have for sale will go to work in the pasture and have tons of cow! The dogs are also crucial to our operation. Any time you see an Ebersole, you will see their working partner. Chilli is our male and is one of the best cow-dogs around. He'll never back down off a cow, and is still gentle enough to move show calves and let the kids drag him around. We have 3 children and they are great partners and helpers on the ranch! We love our little Ranch and are always happy to answer any questions that you have! You can reach Shanen at 515-971-8462. I'm the beef expert around here and can answer any questions you have about how our beef calves are raised, fed and processed. Beau is the cattle expert, he can tell you about any bull he has seen from the time he was two! Seriously, he remembers every pedigree and phenotype, and can name most of the cows from quite a distance and talk details of their pedigree and performance. You can reach Beau on his cell at 515-971-8461. Our Ranch is located in South Central Iowa about 10 miles from the missouri border and 20 miles west of Interstate 35. If you'd like to stop by the ranch to pick up beef or go through the cows, just give us a call!  
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I think that we REALLY need to focus on where our food & products are raised, harvested and made, not just assembled in the US. By supporting a small family business you are helping America return to the great nation it once was!!
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