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RC Woodworks
PO Box 270054
Susanville, CA 956127

Telephone: 530-257-6179

Year Started: 1986

# American Employees: 2
  What sets me apart from other sign makers is choices and striving to make the best sign! I have many times made signs over because they did not meet my high standards. I look at it like this if I am not happy with it, you won’t be happy! My wife has several times told me that the signs I am not happy with nobody will notice what I see wrong. The thing is I will and after these many years she now notices what I see! Then comes choices I offer many font styles and with my CNC pretty much any true type font! I have thousands patterns for artwork in my collections and can make or get many many many more! Then to make the best sign does not stop at the carving. I use quality redwood reclaim and second growth. You will never see any knots in the signs I make, unless requested. Then I buy the best material for finishing starting with the paint and ended with the finish. None of the above would not mean a thing without experience! I have 31 years worth! I take more time to make your sign last. I know it doesn’t sound smart to have a sign last, but I want return customers that are ordering another sign! Not to replace a sign I made for them! Please take a look at my gallery and see for yourself.  
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We need to get back to basics. Stop giving tax breaks to companies to export business overseas to make products for the USA. We need to take pride in making products in the USA and have other countries buy our items!
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