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What are the Internet Shopping Habits of Your State, According to e-Bay?

Posted 5 days ago
From there, eBay figured out which items shoppers buy on its site the most, in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Curious revelations abound, like the fact that firearms are the most popular in New York, even though the state has one of the toughest gun laws in America. North Carolina buys the most baby products (despite not having the highest birth rate — that would be Utah), while the paranoid folks of Oregon buy the most security and surveillance items.

Why is the U.S. Navy Selling USS Somerset Commemorative Coins Made in CHINA ?

Posted 6 days ago
Learning that U.S. Navy commissioning coins were made in China is more than Middle Paxton Twp. resident Gene Stilp can tolerate. The citizen activist doesn't like seeing the "Made in China" label on any product, knowing it signals the continued erosion of America's manufacturing base. But having the United States military buying Chinese-made commemorative coins is an insult to those who wear its uniforms, he said.

USA Crude Production Hits 259 Million Barrels per Month. Imports Down to 290 Million. Time to Export?

Posted 7 days ago
Lobbyists are scrambling to align with producers and refiners to change export laws

More Data Breaches; This Time, Grocery Chains; Want this to go Away? PAY WITH CASH PEOPLE!!!

Posted 15 days ago
According to AB Acquisition LLC, which operates these chains and others, the company “recently learned of an unlawful intrusion to obtain credit and debit card payment information in some of its stores.” The company says that it has brought in the authorities and that it working with its IT services provider and third-party data forensics experts to investigate the cause and breadth of the breach. It looks like the hack began on June 22 and ended by July 17.

Walmart Playing Matchmaker in Denver; "Mr Parts MFG, Meet Mr Idle Factory"

Posted 19 days ago
The goal? To connect Walmart vendors hungry for key parts with manufacturers that have idle plants -- and to put those plants back to work cranking out components, such as small electric motors or polyester yarn, that have become hard to find. "We're going to try to match up [vendors] who are looking for component parts with factories that have capacity in the hopes that we can rebuild that supply chain that doesn't exist anymore," said Michelle Gloeckler, the Walmart senior vice president in charge of the initiative. (EDITOR NOTE: Walmart should assume part of the blame. Demanding Cheaper Goods drove US MFG overseas)

Remember "Cash For Clunkers"? As Expected, Did Not Stimulate the Economy , Sold Mostly Smaller Toyota's ($$$ Goes to Japan)

Posted 22 days ago
Researchers at Texas A&M, in a recently released report, measured the impact of Cash for Clunkers on sales and found the program actually decreased industry revenue by $3 billion over a nine-to-11-month period. Meanwhile, the "stimulus" also cost taxpayers $3 billion. The Car Allowance Rebate System, commonly called Cash for Clunkers, was part of a 2009 economic stimulus program that was sold as a lifeline from the federal government to a sinking U.S. auto industry. The program let people turn in their old cars for up to $4,500 in cash to be used toward the purchase of a more fuel-efficient alternative. Nearly 700,000 vehicles were traded in through the program.(EDITOR NOTE: Be Sure to click link for the Texas A & M Report, called, "Cash for Corollas")

"Boomer"angers. The Opposite of "Empty Nester", Meaning the Kids NEVER Leave. Childhood 2.0

Posted 22 days ago
Surely, these children would do everything possible to move out on their own; surely, parents would begin weaning these “grown-ups” (and that’s what we call someone in his early 30s) from the economic teat. But the Times tells us not to expect this result, and defines a new life stage: early adulthood. Affected by trends that include the Recession, together with longer-term trends like globalization, student debt, technology, and later marriage ages (and non-marriage), psychologists now say we should simply expect childhood to last longer. Who knew that the Boomers would leave this kind of legacy, and not just in the children themselves but even the name (“boomer-angers”) of the new generation they spawned?

Aunt Jemima Heirs Sue Parent Companies for 77 Years of Royalties. About $26,000,000 per Year

Posted 22 days ago
D.W. Hunter, the great grandson of Anna Short Harrington, the woman who became "Aunt Jemima," has filed a class action lawsuit against PepsiCo, The Quaker Oats Company, Pinnacle Foods Group and The Hillshire Brands Company on behalf of all of her great grandchildren. He is seeking $2 billion, plus punitive damages to be determined at trial.

"Made In USA Brand" Self Certification Program Agrees to DISCONTINUE Advertising Claims after FTC Demands Independent Certification.

Posted 39 days ago
Made in the USA Brand licensed its certification mark to any business that paid its annual fees, without conducting any independent verification that the particular products were made in the United States or disclosing that the company licensees had actually self-certified.

If You Drive a Convertible, You Are 1.8% of the Motoring Population, and You Just Might be a Little Smarter and More Responsible

Posted 41 days ago
Today, there are dozens of open-top models available, from the little Miata all the way up to the likes of the new Ferrari California and Bentley GTC lines. But demand has continued to slide. The best-selling model, the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, ranked just 50th among all vehicles available on the U.S. market in 2013, generating a meager 18,000 sales. There are today just 4.5 million convertibles registered in the U.S., according to Experian, representing a modest 1.8% of the total American fleet.
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