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Good News: Clothing Made-in-USA Again? Bad News: No Jobs, Made by Robots ?

Posted 21 days ago
The manufacturing of sewn products has been slow to automate because, unlike metal or wood, fabric is flexible. But researchers have developed software that can locate individual threads inside the fabric and track their positions like a grid pattern. “That’s how we know where the fabric is,” said SoftWear CEO K.P. Reddy. "It might flex. It might bend. It might fold. We still know where those intersections of those threads are and are able to track it.”

In Search of the Made-in-USA Knock-Offs

Posted 21 days ago
“Manufacturing as a word is diluted, “ said Rainville. “We have competition that say they have a couple products that say made in America and they use that to make people believe that perhaps all of their product is”. However, their products are made everywhere but. “Online is a little more sketchy because online retailers don't really pay much attention to the rules”.

Demand for Locally Grown Food on the Rise or Has it Peaked?

Posted 25 days ago
There could be some stagnation in the number of new people buying local food. Or as the USDA puts it, "a plateau in consumer demand for local food." Rising demand in the last several years has lead to the opening of many new markets. There were 8,268 farmers' markets operating in 2014, up 180 percent since 2006.

Chinese Companies Building Factories in the U.S. so They Can Claim "Made-in-USA"

Posted 25 days ago
Later this year along the banks of the James River outside Richmond, Virginia, a paper products maker based in northeastern China will begin construction on a new U.S. manufacturing plant. The factory will churn the region's straw and corn stalks into household products including napkins, tissue and organic fertilizer—all marked "Made in the USA."

Follow Your Made-in-USA Clothing Back to the Farm.

Posted 25 days ago
Great video piece from ABC News

How Baby-Boomers Will Shape the Economy in 2015

Posted 26 days ago
Boomers will continue to matter in 2015, as they remain the primary force behind the resurgent U.S. economy and spend more than every other generation in most categories. Predictions for Boomers in 2015, a little tongue-in-cheek, but grounded in reality:

Fairbury, NEBRASKA is Now Home to New AMERICAN Flag Manufacturer

Posted 27 days ago
Twenty-five years ago, that building on the north edge of town housed the Swingster Co. factory. “We started with one person sewing part time and now we’ve got about nine (employees),” Arnold said. “For a town this size, that’s a lot.”

Winter Is a Good Thing for On-Line Shopping, Up by 34%

Posted 33 days ago
Thirty-four percent of the participants reported that they purchase more online in winter than at other times of the year. Forty-four percent of Canadian respondents said they buy online more heavily in January and February; the United Kingdom came in second place, with 43% of consumers buying more online in winter. In the United States and the Netherlands, 36% of consumers said they purchased more online in winter; in Australia, 34% purchase more, followed by (in descending order) 32% in Germany, 27% in Japan and 23% in Italy.

Made-in-USA Outdoor Gear Awards Highlights American Companies

Posted 39 days ago
The 2015 awards harvested intriguing data regarding U.S. manufacturing and sourcing from 110 companies that were nominated: 42% of applicants were founded in the last 10 years 76% created new manufacturing jobs in the last year (totaling almost 1000 new jobs) 61% source a component of their product within 50 miles of their facility

10 Most Hated American Companies; And We All Use Them Everyday

Posted 41 days ago
The most hated companies have millions of customers. With such a large customer base, it is critical to keep employees happy in order to promote high-quality customer service. Poor job satisfaction among employees can lead to unsatisfied customers.
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