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9-11 Gift Shop in Freedom Tower, an Emporium of Imported Collectables

Posted 2 days ago
It’s the postcards that really stunned former Ground Zero demolition supervisor John Feal. The toy FDNY fire trucks and MTA subway cars he could almost understand, given the state of American manufacturing today. But the folks in charge of the 9/11 Memorial couldn’t find a company in the United States to print postcards? “They had to go to Korea? For that?” asked Feal, who started a foundation to fight for health coverage and compensation for first responders who have developed illnesses believed to be linked to toxins inhaled at Ground Zero.

Historical NEW YORK Silverware Maker, Shifts ALL Manufacturing Back to the USA

Posted 4 days ago
"More people are looking to buy 'made in the USA,'" Owens said. "Our company is a little bit of a cause, as opposed to just a company." Sherrill is expanding its silverware offerings, going from one to three product categories and will soon add a fourth so that it can hit a greater range of price points.

ELEMENT Brand Made-in-USA TV's NOT Really Made-in-USA

Posted 11 days ago
The FTC complaint alleges, the Chinese-made TVs arrive to Element’s South Carolina assembly line in boxes adorned with a waving American flag and the slogan “America Matters” on the front and the phrase “assembled in the USA” on top. Element’s 185 employees unscrew a plastic panel, install a Chinese-made motherboard, close the panel, and return the TVs to their patriotic packaging so that they can be shipped out to Walmart, Target, Meijer, Sam’s Club, and QVC.

PERDUE FARMS First Company to Certify "Raised in the U.S.A." Chickens

Posted 11 days ago
The PERDUE brand's existing Process Verified Programs – which were the first for poultry products – also includes verification that all the chickens processed at its plants were raised in the U.S. The new "Raised Cage-Free in the US" Process Verified Program covers the brand's further-processed products, extending the assurance of American chicken across all PERDUE® products. "Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from, and we're proud to the be first – and so far only – poultry brand that has asked the USDA to verify that all of our products are made from chickens raised on farms here in the United States," said Chairman Jim Perdue.

India NOT Happy with Made-in-USA Movement to Bring Manufacturing Back on US Shores

Posted 18 days ago
Many in the American media have said the renewed love affair with US products comes after almost 3 decades of decline in the manufacturing industry, coupled with the recent fall in energy prices and the rise of labor costs in China.

Vietnam Immigrant is a Made-in-USA Success Story; World's Most Recognized Hot Sauce

Posted 22 days ago
When ready, the sauce — what his company calls the most recognized version of sriracha — is bottled and boxed for shipment across America and to 10 countries, including Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. The American-made sauce is popular in China and Taiwan, but can't reach Japan and South Korea due to regulations on preservatives.

CHINA to Lose 85,000,000 Textile Jobs, None of Them Projected for the U.S.

Posted 27 days ago
It's harder to unlearn bad habits, so the best shot at a sustainable industry may be Ethiopia, which is essentially a blank slate. Despite dire infrastructure shortcomings, Ethiopia's access to a continental market with six of the 10 fastest-growing economies and one of the world's largest cattle (leather) stocks makes "China 30 years ago" an attractive long-term investment. The Chinese and Turkish certainly seem to think so.

NORTH CAROLINA based Chiquita Banana purchased by Brazilian Investment Group

Posted 27 days ago
The acquisition is a victory for Brazilian-Lebanese financier Joseph Safra and orange juice baron Jose Luis Cutrale, who joined forces to add Chiquita to their orange, apple, peach, lemon and soybean business. Shares of Chiquita gained over 40 percent since Aug. 11, when Cutrale-Safra made their takeover intentions public.

The Pendulum is Swinging; As China Wages Rise, American Companies Return Home

Posted 31 days ago
China’s still cheap, but it’s nowhere near the deal it was just a few years ago. Workers in the Yangtze make almost $5 an hour today, and oil costs about $85 a barrel. Suddenly the benefits of making things in China aren’t so apparent, especially if you’re selling those things to consumers in the U.S. A new survey by Boston Consulting Group found that 16 percent of American manufacturing executives say they’re already bringing production back home from China. That’s up from 13 percent a year ago. Twenty percent said they would consider doing so in the near future.

Canada Upset that KANSAS Company Awarded Large Contract for Community Mailboxes

Posted 33 days ago
The question that's top of mind today is, why is Canada Post using community mailboxes designed in, and purchased from, the United States instead of offering Canadian companies a chance to profit from the unpopular transition? That query was posed to the Conservative government on Monday, as Canada Post began installing community mailboxes and phasing out postal routes in large cities, including Calgary and Winnipeg.
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